Singapore again

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January 1 - 3, 1998

So I got to the airport in Auckland, all ready to fly to Bangkok, but the airline wouldn't let me fly there, because I didn't have a ticket out of Thailand. Technically Thailand requires this, but in practice they don't enforce it. I was planning on buying tickets in Bangkok, where it's cheaper. Or even going overland to Laos.

Anyways, I convinced them to let me go as far as Singapore. I arrived, and went back to Lee's Guesthouse, and got a bunk in the same dorm room I was in last time. I tried calling Mary, but she was on vacation.

The next morning I went to a travel agent to book a flight from Bangkok to Laos. She was confused by this. She said it would be cheaper to book in Bangkok. She said people go to Thailand with a one way ticket all the time.

So I went to Singapore Airlines, changed my ticket to Bangkok to the next day, and hoped they wouldn't be such sticklers at the airport there.

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