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April 29 - May 22, 1997

After India, Nepal was a breath of fresh air. Much less noisy, dirty and polluted, although the people coming straight from the west don't seem to think so.

We took the bus to Pokhara to start trekking. However, an hour out of town there was an accident. A bus hit an 80 year old woman. There ensued a fight between the bus driver and the family of the woman. Five hours later, after a girl on our bus nearly started a riot, we were finally on our way.

We went white water rafting on the Kali Gandaki. It was great fun. The rapids were great. More numerous, but not as big as the Ottawa. It was five days, and we camped on sand beaches beside the river.

We passed a cremation by the side of the river. The body's torso was charred. Later we passed a charred arm bone floating down the river. Then there were the vultures picking away at a human body.

After rafting we did an eight day trek up Mardi Himal. We climbed to over 5000 metres, above the tree line, in the snow. We went toboganning down on our goretex jackets.

A British couple decided to get married on the trek. Just sort of spur of the moment. The porters fixed up low camp for the ceremony. It was a traditional Nepalese ceremony. A priest from one of the local villages came up to perform the ceremony.

Then it was back to Pokhara for a few days of R&R before heading back to Kathmandu.

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