"There are no endings; only beginnings."
- Leah Johnson

"There are no beginnings or endings; only middles."
- paul Stockton

Traveling like this, your sense of time becomes distorted. I left in April, and it perpetually felt like April, because I didn't do the things I normally do after April.

Then it's like a year has disappeared. On the last leg of my trip I stayed with my cousin and his wife in Vancouver. I kept think that their wedding had been last summer, but it was actually two summers ago. I had missed last summer.

I arrived back in Toronto at approximately the same time I'd left the year before. It was like I'd never been gone. I got back just in time for my bike club's spring dinner/dance, which I had just missed the year before. I did the Victoria Day trip to upstate New York. I was picking up right where I left off.

I got my car back. I ended up working at my old company, although only two days a week. I set out to buy a house. I said I wanted to buy one just like my friend Petra's. Then she put it on the market, so I bought it.

And I'm collecting rejection slips from travel magazines.

Addendum: You can read about my adventures trekking at Lake Namtso, Tibet in the August/September 1999 issue of Action Canada Magazine.

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